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What's important when choosing Goalie gear?

Body size - just as in clothing, XS-S (Kids) up to M-XXL (Seniors).  Sometimes also Juniors 12 years and older are best in Senior sizes.

Quality: Junior Goalies need different qualities (thicker pads for more protection) in comparison to Senior Goalies.  Kids up to 12 years old, the power of their hits, and therefore the required protection, are relatively low.  However, kids 12 years and older and Seniors need more protection, particularly considering the power players of all skills can get from composite sticks.  In these older age groups, a players skill has little influence on how hard they can hit, even players with relatively poor technique can still hit very hard, albeit with less control over which direction, which can be dangerous for Goalies.

Notes on the different items

Helmets:  The difference between normal helmets and integrated helmets simply a question of design.  The important difference is between plastic helmets and Carbon/Kevlar helmets.  The Carbon helmets are generally more robust, and lighter, and therefore give better protection.

OBO-Helmet Size for Head circumferance


  • S = 53 cm - 55 cm,
  • M = 55 cm - 57 cm,
  • L = 57 cm - 59 cm.

Chest/Arm:  The main question here is full Body Armour or Chest Guard with Elbow Pads?  It is normal for Junior players to use just the Chest Guard and Elbow Pads.  In comparison to the full Body Armour, the Chest guard doesn't provide as much protection to the forearm and shoulders.  However, as Junior players rarely are able to shoot the ball high into the goals, the Chest/Elbow combination is a cheaper alternative.

Padded Shorts:  The "Hot Pants" are generally more popular, as the tight fit means the goalies can move more naturally, and therefor quicker.  They also provide a more complete cover, and therefore give better protection

Box/Cup:  The more expensive, the extra protection you receive, usually with extra padding, or larger coverage.

Stick:  The Goalie sticks are a lot different to field sticks.  With a unique curve, and head, the stick are designed to defend shots on goal, both on the forehand and backhand side.

TK P1 Goalie Helmet 2016
249,95 EUR *
Composite goalkeeper helmet
S/M, M/L
TK S1 Kickers
229,95 EUR *
Goalie kickers
M, L, XL
TK S1 Leg Guards
369,95 EUR *
Goalie leg guards
M, L, XL
TK T5 Goalie Bag
99,95 EUR *
Goalie bag with wheels
74,95 EUR
49,00 EUR *
goalkeeper arm and ellbow pads
S/M, M/L
189,95 EUR
90,00 EUR *
goalie legguards
S, L
Grays goalie helmet
169,95 EUR *
composite-helmet (incl. grill)
S, M, L
Grill for OBO goalie helmets
51,95 EUR *
grill for OBO-helmets
GTP Neckprotection
69,95 EUR *
plexiglass neck protection
Helmet Cage HM 30
49,95 EUR *
Helmet cage matching HH -Bauer helmets .
Kinnpolster PHM 30 für Gitter HM 30
14,50 EUR *
OBO ABS Goalie Helmet (Junior)
129,95 EUR *
Keeper helmet for children Anatomically shaped for a perfect fit !
Obo Bobbla goalie trainingball
8,95 EUR *
goalie trainingball in egg-shape (bouncing)
OBO Body Bag L
49,95 EUR *
goalie bag without wheels
OBO Body Bag S
39,95 EUR *
goalie bag without wheels
OBO Bored Pants junior
91,95 EUR *
Goalkeeper-pants (like icehockey-pants) size S,XS
black/light blue
OBO Bored Pants senior
91,95 EUR *
Goalkeeper-pants size M,L,XL
M, L, XL
black/light blue
OBO Cloud 9 glove left
117,95 EUR *
goalie glove (only left / catching hand)
OBO Cloud 9 glove right
84,95 EUR *
goalie glove (only right / stickhand)
OBO Cloud 9 kicker
234,95 EUR *
goalie kicker black
M, L
OBO Cloud 9 legguards
339,95 EUR *
goalie legguards only in black
M, L
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