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Bags for Field Hockey gear and Hockey Sticks come in all shapes and sizes.  In the sub-heading "Stick Bags", there are bags and backpacks with a special compartment primarily just for Hockey Sticks.  You’ll be able to see this in the product description. 

In the larger Stick Bags, in addition to the stick pocket, you’ll find lots of room for all you could possibly need for training or game day, like shoes, shin guards, towel, etc.

adidas Hockey Stick Bag 2016/2017
39,95 EUR *
Provides plenty of storage space for equipment and accessories
TK S2 Stick Bag 2016/2018
59,95 EUR *
Mdeium stick bag
49,95 EUR
37,00 EUR *
Backpack with stick compartment
TK T7 Backpack 2016/2018
39,95 EUR *
Backpack for children
59,95 EUR
46,76 EUR *
Is this your favorite country ? Cool flag designs for your hockey bag !
Asics Courier Backpack
59,95 EUR *
Backpack from Asics
Brabo Traditional Backpack (Junior) 2016/2017
49,95 EUR *
Backpack for children
Brabo Traditional Backpack (Senior) 2016/2017
59,95 EUR *
Large backpack
I LOVE hockey shoulder bag
8,00 EUR *
stylish fashion hockey product. several colour combinations possible.
JACK PLAYER College bag
29,95 EUR *
Jack Player College bag
Jack Player My Number Sportsbag
49,95 EUR *
Jack Player Sportsbag MY NUMBER
Reece Giant Hockey Bag
59,95 EUR *
Large bat bag with plenty of storage space
redroyal blueblack
Reece Junior Stick Bag 2015
49,95 EUR *
Stick bag for children
The Indian Maharadja Backpack (Junior)
34,95 EUR *
Backpack vor children
The Indian Maharadja Duffle Bag
39,95 EUR *
Modern sports bag from The Indian Maharadja
TK T1 Stick Bag 2016/2018
59,95 EUR *
Large stick bag
light bluelimenavyorangepinkblack
TK T4 Stick Bag 2016/2018
14,95 EUR *
Simple stick bag
light bluepink
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