about us

We are a family owned company with 15 employees.
TOOL Hockey Shop was founded in 1999 by Olaf Maack and Tobias Ditzer (friends and former teammates in the first devision leauge (Bundesliga) from 1990-2007). The name of the company TOOL stands for TObias and OLaf.

Here are our stations:

1999 Foundation of the company and first store in Cologne
2001 Go-live of webshop www.hockeyshop.de
2005 Opening of stores in Mönchengladbach and Essen
2006 Opening of club-shop ETUF
2007 Opening of store in Munich
2008 Opening of store Dortmund
2009 Opening of club-shop MSC Munich
2011 Go-live of webshop www.hockeyshop.nl
2013 Go-live of webshop hockeyshop.be and hockeyshop.net

Our company is taking on trainees and already had 5 trainees being educated to retail salesmen (some with CCI award). A 6th trainee just started in February 2015. Three of the five trainees who completed their education with us are currently also employed by us.

Based on our claim "home of hockey" TOOL Hockeyshop exclusively sells hockey equipment. No other sports – just field hockey. We always concern about the usability of products, check their value before we sell it and always aim to offer our customers a wide range of products and services. We also give a chance to some exotic and small brands that are otherwise sometimes hard to find on the hockey market.
We are always open and grateful for constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement and grew for now 16 years with the demands of the market.

The hockey family is important to us. Every customer is important to us. Hockey is our life ...

The Hockeyshop TEAM:

Olaf Maack
(founder and owner)
Bundesliga 1990 until 2007
US national player 1995/2003

THC Bergisch Gladbach
KKHT Schwarz-Weiß Köln
HC Essen
Rheydter SV
Marienburger SC
Tobias Ditzer
(founder and owner)

Bundesliga 1990 until 1997

THC Berg. Gladbach
RTHC Bayer Leverkusen
KKHT Schwarz-Weiß Köln
HC Essen
Marienburger SC
KTHC Stadion Rot-Weiß Köln
Tom Spenrath
Bundesliga 2006-today

Gladbacher HTC

defence (No. 90)
Tobias Bierkämper
(product mananager / purchasing)
plays Hockey since 1990
coach since 2001

ETB Schwarz-Weiß Essen

Julian Altenrath
(marketing / shippping)
Bundesliga 2007 until 2012
U21 national player 2009 until 2011

Crefelder HTC
Gladbacher HTC

Bea Mayer
(communication / club-issues)
Bundesliga & regional leagues

HLC Rot-Weiß München
HC Wacker München
KHTC Blau-Weiß Köln

Pascal Voester
(head of production/printing)

after beeing a trainee with us being educated as a media designer he got employed by us and is now responsible for the production/printing-department where we have the printing for clubshirts done etc.
Caroline Hofer
(shop manager Cologne)
hockey-mom of 4 hockeyplayers

KKHT Schwarz- Weiß Köln
Achim Krauss
(shop manager Mönchengladbach)
Bundesliga 1989-2010
women coach GHTC since 2009

Gladbacher HTC
Rheydter SV
Crefelder HTC
HC Venlo

Kerstin Nolte
(shop manager Essen)

plays hockey since: 1982
youth coach since: 1990

ETB Schwarz-Weiß Essen
Andrea Marx
(shop manager ETUF Essen / club-issues)

Hockey-mom since 1995

ETUF Essen
Isabel Blum
(shop manager Dortmund)

HC Essen
ETUF Essen

Gini Hoffmann
(shop manager Munich / club-issues)

Hockey-mom of 2 kids
Bea Salge
(shop manager MSC München)

MSC youth organisator since 2010

Fee Gramann
(ass. shop manager MSC München)

Bundesliga 1986-1998
HTC Stuttgarter Kickers
Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles
HLC Rot-Weiß München
Münchner SC

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